3 Minutes

A hitman has only three more minutes to live. When it comes down to the last moments of his life, what is left?

 Subtle words beyond the apathy and insensitivity that seem so minimal, but they may roll-on and drop beyond. Subtle but acute, it may change the perspective of your vision.


Hitman: Uwe Mayer

Cleaning Lady: Julia Monte

Mother: Margit Lievers

Girl with huge punk headphones: Alina Sievers

Lucky Dragon: Yunzu Xia

Boss: Eduard Martens 

Murderer: Luciano Stalman 


Writer and Director: Linda Gasser

Camera: Saskia Streussel

Score Compositor: Moritz Gaudlitz, Martin Schwarz

Sound Design: Alexander Keller


See full Cast and Crew: 3 Minutes [IMDB]

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