The Case of Conrad Cooper

Conrad Cooper lives in the past, stuck in today, afraid of tomorrow. Like most other days, Conrad is on his way somewhere and he has to be on time. To others, if they happen to even notice, he's just another man, wearing a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase, blending in. But Conrad's fear of the future follows him like a familiar, ever-present ghost. Until he discovers something so small, so simple that it almost went unnoticed. And he knows the past will always be a part of him, today will soon disappear, and there is hope for tomorrow.


Writer & Director: Valerie Dalena

Co Director: Tamiko Washington

Cinematographer: Ryan Summerset

Editor: Linda Gasser


Exec. Producer: Mike Fuhrmann, Valerie Dalena

Co- Producer: Linda Gasser, Paul Louise Harrel, Enrico Schoch, Jean-Pierre Schoch

Assosiate Producer: Bethany W. Bates, Don Fried

Production Design : Jono Knepper

Composer Orignal Score: John Groves


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