What if (Original Title: Wo sie ist)

How will Big Data eventually effect our individual freedom?

Achille wants to find a partner by himself. In a society where matching is omnipresent it seems impossible to convince a woman on its own. When a young woman ends up in his workshop the situation requires unusual steps to bind her to him.


Achille: Karl Kiesel

Eleni: Julia Monte

Mother: Iris Berben


Producer: Linda Gasser & Paul Becht

Co Producer: Mike Fuhrmann, Achim Kunze, Jan Czmok, Monika Hole-Kunze

Editor: Michel Mish Klares

Score Compositor: Moritz Gaudlitz, Patrick Beiling (Aaden)

Sound Design: Alexandros Konstantaras


See full Cast and Crew at Wo sie ist [IMDB]

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